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Pocketwatch to wristwatch conversions

As the twentieth century got under way and wristwatches became more prominent, owners of ladies pocket watches, like the Hampden size 3/0 models, were offered conversion kits by enterprising companies (The advert below is for the Keystone Co.). These kits had many benefits like; the practical conversion to a wristwatch, re-cycling a family heirloom; the chance to sell the original gold, or silver, case for cash; when combined with the re-dial option it made them suitable for a man.
These were not factory options and were made for other manufacturers as well as Hampden.  The criteria is that the winding stem is at the 3 O'clock position.

The watches pictured below simply demonstrate the stages. One conversions has an original dial the other (far right) had a replacement.

ad for the kit--molly stark.jpg
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